When it comes to the highest quality Longboat Key Roofing Services at an affordable price, we have you covered. With over 20 years of experience serving the Longboat Key area, our team of experts will exceed all your expectations with the best quality roof!

    New Construction Projects in Longboat Key

    Are you building a new home or business and need a partner to make sure you are getting the best quality materials and service? Give Longboat Key Florida State Roofing & Construction Inc a call today for your new construction project to ensure your roofing deadlines are met. Your choice of trusting our company is backed by over 20 years of quality service in the Longboat Key area.

    Longboat Key Florida State Roofing & Construction Inc offers every type of roofing system to guarantee your individual needs are met. Therefore, whether you want a tile, shingle, metal or flat roofing system, we have the experience and skills to install it while ensuring top quality workmanship for your new undertaking at an affordable cost and unbeatable warranty.

    Longboat Key Roof Repairs

    A roof repair is preferred if your roof still has a few years of life left and if we are able to isolate the problem to a certain area that can be properly fixed. We will not try to sell you a whole new roof if it isn’t necessary and if the problem can be fixed correctly through a repair. Our experienced and trained estimators will assess the roof’s condition during the initial consultation to determine if a roof-repair is possible.

    A client may notice some damage on the roof or a large stain on their ceiling and need an emergency repair to keep valuables and family members safe. If you notice something out of place, make sure to call us so that we can properly assess the issue in a timely manner and ensure no greater damage is done.

    Longboat Key Roof Repair Services:

    • Missing Shingles and Tiles
    • Broken/Damaged Shingles and Tiles
    • Leaks

    With knowledgeable and dedicated technicians, a wide range of roof repair challenges are addressable. If it is determined that the roof can be repaired, we will present a contract that will include the assessment and proper materials needed to do the job. We will then complete the repairs in a timely manner and ensure before and after photos are taken.

    Longboat Key Re-Roofing Projects

    Sometimes repairs aren’t realistic for many reasons. As Longboat Key Florida State Roofing & Construction Inc specializes in both commercial and residential projects, we are prepared with the knowledge, number of employees, and equipment required to complete any project in the shortest time period possible. Therefore, using us will minimize the impact on and disruptions in clients’ operations.

    Whether we are replacing the entire roof or just a section, you can trust that we will get the job done to meet your expectations.

    Commercial & Industrial Roofing in Longboat Key

    We understand the investment and inconvenience of undertaking a commercial roofing project. We also know that as a property manager, owner, or investor, you want a company that will give you real answers through proper knowledge and expertise.

    At Longboat Key Florida State Roofing & Construction Inc, we offer a full range of commercial roofing services to include:

    • Roof Replacements
    • Roof Repairs
    • Roof Inspections
    • Roof Maintenance

    We will work with management and owners directly to comprise a plan that will provide what you need at competitive pricing. We will do an initial consultation and compile a detailed estimate. Furthermore, we will be alongside you every step of the way to ensure we exceed your expectations!



    New Construction Projects

    Roof Repairs